A Doll’s House


Promotional (2014)

A La Boite and Brisbane Festival Co-Production

Nora seems to have it all – a successful husband, adorable children and a beautiful home. But this picture perfect life is actually a complicated trap of secrets and lies. Here is a story of domestic revolution, marriage and motherhood, female empowerment and the journey towards self-liberation.

Henrik Ibsen’s great psychological thriller was recently named as the world’s most performed play. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s brilliantly plotted, boasts striking characters, and tells a story that’s still as charged and moving as it was 135 years ago.

In a superb new version by Lally Katz, one of Australia’s most gifted playwrights, and directed by Steven Mitchell Wright, one of our most intrepid directors, this enduring masterpiece will be a highlight of La Boite’s season and the 2014 Brisbane Festival.

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