Country Song


Projection Design // Theatre

4 Jul  – 8 Aug 2015.

A Queensland Theatre Company and QPAC co-production.

A fictionalised story inspired by the life of Jimmy Little.

The premise of Country Song is this: Jimmy Little is waiting backstage. He’s been asked to perform the national anthem, in front of an audience that love him and his music. He is an Australian icon; an entertainer first and foremost. But what does it mean to sing this song now? Does it matter? Who is he really singing for?

In Country Song, Jimmy is whisked on a fictional road trip to his past as his story weaves through the history of major social changes of the 1970s. Along the way we hear stories of singers Auriel Andrew, Bobby McLeod and Lionel Rose in this tribute to the era and the music that was a soundtrack for a generation. Once a smiling, cheeky child of Vaudevillians, now a poster boy for Indigenous performers, Jimmy takes us through the thoughts of an artist who must weigh up the political power of his voice. Filled with well-known tunes, Country Song is a beautiful, musical, witty and warming journey that celebrates the healing power of music.

Acclaimed actor and musician Michael Tuahine came up with the original idea for Country Song after being inspired by Walk the Line. Reg Cribb won the 2013 Rodney Seaborn Playwright’s Award for New Work.


Original Concept // Michael Tuahine
Writer // Reg Cribb
Director // Wesley Enoch
Sound Designer // Jamie Clarke
Designer // Josh McIntosh
Lighting Designer // Jason Glenright
Sound Designer // Matt Erskine
Sound Designer // Justin Harrison
Projection Designers // optikal bloc
Dramaturg // Louise Gough
Assistant Director // Jason Klarwein
Cast Includes // Elaine Crombie, David Page, Bradley McCaw, Megan Sarmardin, Michael Tuahine and Tibian Wyles.


“It is a journey enhanced by projected optikal bloc imagery to provide context and meld story and action. From the textures of the natural Australian landscape along the banks of the Murray River to RSL dressing rooms, the imagery and soundscape combine with subtle transitions to help bring the story to bolder life…” BLUE CURTAIN BRISBANE

“Josh McIntosh’s set and optikal bloc’s projection design enhance the cast’s historical carousel around the stage …” STAGE WHISPERS