Video Design // Opera

Touring into Queensland schools 2014 – 2016.

An Opera Queensland production

FiZZ! Is a fresh and imaginative new production for families based on Donizetti’s much loved opera, The Elixir of Love.

Welcome to Belcore’s Fine Foods! A family run, local supermarket with an assortment of characters. Nemorino or Nemo (number one shelf stacker and trolley pusher) is a textbook nerd, desperate to gain the attention of the beautiful Adina (register one, all-round nice girl) but his nerves always get in the way as does Benny Belcore (number one pain in the butt and Daddy’s spoilt little boy).

When Dr Dulcamara Enterprises introduces a new drink product to the market – claiming to transform you into a new and improved version of yourself – Nemo thinks his prayers have been answered. After all, you can believe anything advertised on TV right?! Nemo, convinced FiZZ! has turned him into a smooth-talking cool-cat finds the courage to approach Adina.

However Nemo soon learns that FiZZ! isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and perhaps had nothing to do with his sudden boost of confidence – maybe the old Nemo had the inner-courage all along.

FiZZ! pops the big issues facing little people today – self confidence, bullying, honesty and friendship. But wait there’s more – this modern adaption of Donizetti’s The Elixir of Love is presented against a dynamic multi-media backdrop and performed by three effervescent youthful opera performers and an on-screen cast of some of the state’s most experienced singers.

This exciting new creative collaboration between Opera Queensland and shake & stir theatre co brings a modern take on a classic opera to Brisbane Powerhouse.

With a simple story, engaging music, and an innovative audio-visual component, FiZZ! introduces families to the operatic art-form whilst dealing with the contemporary issues of self-confidence, personal resilience, critical awareness of persuasive advertising and cyber-bullying.

Opera Queensland’s FiZZ! 2014 – production images by Stephanie Do Rozario


Created by // shake & stir theatre co and Opera Queensland
Designer // Josh McIntosh
Video Designers // optikal bloc