I Should Have Drunk More Champagne


Theatre // Production Management and Video Design (27 Mar – 13 Apr 2013)

Metro Arts / Independents

In February 2013, performance collective The Good Room opened the regret line and encouraged strangers like you to submit, anonymously, their biggest regrets. With almost 500 recorded, it’s now time to string them out to sparkle, centre stage, in all their cringe-worthy glory as part of the new work, I Should Have Drunk More Champagne.

Enter a world of sad pandas and empty dance floors, where Verbatim meets Experiential Theatre in this one-hand-over-your-eye awkward yet deliciously bittersweet look at possibilities lost and heart breaking memories gained. How many times have you listened to your head despite your heart? At the fork in the road, do you wish you’d made a U-turn? When you tuned the trombone player, perhaps you wish you’d simply stayed and drunk more champagne…

Creator, Devisors // Caroline Dunphy, Daniel Evans, Amy Ingram and Leah Shelton

Lighting Design // Jason Glenwright

Sound Composition // Lawrence English

Production Management, Video Design // optikal bloc

Assistant Producers // the little red company

Promotional video produced by // optikal bloc