Kungkarangkalpa: Seven Sisters Songline

Celebrating Australia’s vibrant indigenous culture at the National Museum of Australia as part of the Centenary of Canberra.


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    National Museum of Australia Canberra,1 – 2 Mar 2013

    Kungkarangkalpa: Seven Sisters Songline is a performance of the ancient Western Desert epic song saga of the Seven Sisters presented by AṈANGU Dancers from the APY Lands in partnership with the Australian National University ARC Linkage project: Alive With Dreaming!

    The performance was a part of the Centenary of Canberra at the National Museum of Australia as a celebration of Australia’s vibrant indigenous culture.

    We produced the creative and projection technical design and implementation of a 12m wide x 4m high projection surface.

    Production Photography by Wayne Quilliam

  • Team


    Anangu Directors // Milyika Carrol, Inawinytji Williamson, Josephine Milk, Ginger Wickilyirri
    Project Director // Diana James
    Artistic Director // Wesley Enoch
    Set Design // Josh McIntosh
    Sound Design // Anthony Brumpton
    Projection Design // optikal bloc