Promotional (2013)

Presented by the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Salõn premiered in June 2013.

Step into the Salõn, immerse yourself in the bohemian divine…

Inspired by the decadence of the Salõn in eras gone by, this premiere production invites you to an evening unlike any other.

The hostess welcomes you as other guests arrive. Some are shy, others less so. Indulge in a spectacle of physical feats and soaring vocals. As the exhibitionists compete to be the life of the party, you notice something simmering beneath those sweet smiles…

Created by Timothy Brown (Queensland Ballet, Expressions Dance Company) in collaboration with seven remarkable physical, circus and dance performers, plus pop-art music oracles Michelle Xen and the Neon Wild, Salõn is a must-see show for fans of the exotic, the erotic, the sublime and the exquisite.

Video produced by // optikal bloc