Promotional (2015)

La Boite Indie

Something is very wrong with Danika Hart.

She calls it a glimmer.

It’s Dani’s 13th birthday party and all she’s got so far is an exploding cake and a glimmering episode that has taken her to a world too close to home to be an escape, and too far away to be safe.

Luckily, she’s joined by her best friend Miranda, who mysteriously seems to be able to pull Dani back to reality.

When someone threatens to take Miranda from her, Dani once again finds herself facing the bright lights of Sunnytown Municipal Extravaganza Mall. Only this time, Miranda may not be able to bring her back.

Sunnytown is a surreal journey through a young girl’s subconscious. A dark and beguiling production created by some of Brisbane’s leading theatre-makers, it explores the consequences of choosing to cope when change is your only hope.

Video produced by // optikal bloc
Music by // Guy Webster

Presented by La Boite Indie and Shot in the Dark with the support of QPAC.

Supported by The Arts Centre Gold Coast Works in Progress Program, and Playlab’s Lab Rats program.

Sunnytown is supported by Creative Partnership Australia through MATCH.

Sunnytown is supported by the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts’ Fresh Ground Space initiative, made possible through Arts Queensland.