Wizard of Oz


Promotional (2013)

A La Boite, The Danger Ensemble and Brisbane Festival co-production.

Uber-creatives The Danger Ensemble, along with award winning writer Maxine Mellor, are set to take you on a journey uncovering once and for all who has the courage, the heart and the brains. This incarnation of The Wizard of Oz is a fairytale for the modern times: of fame, fantasy and those fifteen minutes. What will be at the end of the rainbow?

In her tin caravan, walled by Wizard of Oz memorabilia, Judy G. waits. A cyclone is gathering speed over her flyspeck rural town, and she’s ready. She’s got a transistor radio; she’s got emergency supplies; the TV’s tuned to news; things are tied down and taped up. She’s ready, goddamnit…. And it better not pass over without taking her up in it.

Promising a fantasy equal to but disturbingly different from the Oz we know and love, The Danger Ensemble are set to face the challenge of finding a new contemporary relevance for L. Frank Baum’s classic novel.

Video produced by // optikal bloc