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    Commissioned by Darwin Festival, Brisbane Festival and Metro Arts

    Darwin Festival, Festival Park, Darwin (2020)
    Brisbane Festival at Metro Arts, The Common, West Village (2020)
    Proudly projected by Epson and Visual Focus
    Bundaberg, Bundaberg Central (2020)

    Perilous situations loom, endangering our heroes! Hungry sharks, lethal lasers—peril is nigh, and the sole savior is you. Discover Avoidable Perils, a daring social experiment for those willing to aid. A game for all, it delves into activism within the attention-driven world, testing vast teamwork. Use your smartphone to witness chaotic cartoons and join the noble cause. Become part of a greater good in this immersive experience.

    To continue the adventure, head to avoidableperils.com

    Brisbane Production Photography - Dave Khan
    Brisbane Production Videography - optikal bloc

  • Team

    Creative Team

    Created by Counterpilot with optikal bloc

    Devised by Nathan Sibthorpe, Craig Wilkinson, Sean Dowling, Christine Felmingham, Mike Willmett, Sarah Winter

    Director - Nathan Sibthorpe
    Video Designer - Craig Wilkinson
    Illustrations - Sean Dowling
    Sound Designer - Mike Willmett
    Software Designer - Clinton Freeman
    Programming Assistance - Jeremy Gordon

    Counterpilot are produced by Metro Arts



Teaser Trailer