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    Since 2014, our video and audio designs have been an intergral part of Shake & Stir Theatre Company's in-school touring produtions. Mixing on screen characters, a broad range of stylistic ideas and video design conventions, the smallest of classrooms can transform into a whole different world through theatre and video.

    Productions include

    1984, Bard Wired, School Daze, Chapter Three, Romeo & Juliet, Unfiltered, Will.I.Am, Troll, Great Shakes, Bad Lads, Macbeth, Terrortorial, Oversharer, Vacant, Chop Logic, Tag, FiZZ! (with Opera Q), Hanself & Gretel (with Opera Q) and many more.

    FiZZ! and Hansel & Gretel production images by StephanieDo Rozario.
    shake & stir inschool production images by Craig Wilkinson