An interactive installation pop-up to coincide with Ballet Preljocaj’s Snow White season at QPAC, Brisbane.


  • About


    A QPAC Commission, co-produced with optikal bloc

    A giant magical mirror with a dark and devious mind of its own! Do you dare ask it what you seek to know? The Queen’s mirror will give you an answer, whether you like the answer or not will be up to you.

    This giant interactive mirror installation entices its audience to consider the questions that haunt them as well as appealing to our need to seek affirmation of our perception of self.

    The installation features a remote live actor who will engage and respond in lyrical rhyme with participating members of the general public in Queens St Mall and QPAC, Brisbane.

  • Team

    Creative Team

    Sally McRae – Associate Producer, Programming, QPAC
    Alex Rozynski – Project Officer, QPAC

    Creative Director and Video Designer - Craig Wilkinson
    Production Manager - Stephen Brodie
    Facilitator / Actor - Neridah Waters
    Actor - Sandro Collarelli
    Project Coordinator - Carley Commens
    Designer - Joshua McIntosh
    Technical Principal - Michael Hedges
    Technician - Daniel Cameron

    BTS Videographer - Diana Mandic
    BTS Video Editor - Nevin Howell

Magic Mirror Featurette