• Then there are the TVs – a great wall of black glass, masterfully programmed by media producers optikal bloc to drive the story in innovative, unexpected ways.
  • Media designers optikal bloc (Craig Wilkinson and Stephen Brodie) bring a young, tech savvy aesthetic to the stage.
  • But it’s optikal bloc’s visuals that are at the heart of this production… Matched with Guy Webster’s suitably overwhelming sound design and Jason Glenright’s always-clever lighting, optikal bloc evokes a claustrophobic sense of constant surveillance.
  • The fabulous multi-media work from optikal bloc was just as impressive. With the Big Brother image, the blurred war footage and softly lit colour scenes they blended image with reality and created a really powerful piece of theatre.
  • About


    QPAC Brisbane, 16 Aug – 1 Sept 2012

    Australian National Tour 2014

    The sold-out production that stunned audiences in 2012 returns in 2014 following a five-month national tour. Strap yourself in for this terrifically frightening theatrical event directed by Michael Futcher set against a towering wall of plasma screens.

    Oceania; a Nation perpetually at war, where cameras watch every move and Thought Police roam the streets. A place Winston Smith calls home. By day, Winston is an editor at the Ministry of Truth, rewriting history to align the past with the current political agenda of the ruling party and its illusive leader, Big Brother. By night, Winston pursues a forbidden love affair with a mysterious woman in an attempt to rebel against Big Brother’s oppressive regime and maintain some control over his otherwise totally controlled life.

    When Winston and his love are discovered, they are violently separated, detained and prepared for reintegration back into society. But can human nature truly be changed?

    Production images by Dylan Evans Photography

  • Team

    Creative Team

    Based on the book by George Orwell

    Adaptors - Nelle Lee & Nick Skubij
    Directed by - Michael Futcher
    Designer - Josh McIntosh
    Lighting Design - Jason Glenwright
    Sound Design - Guy Webster
    Media Producers - optikal bloc