an Ocean Park Hong Kong and Aerial Angels Australia production


A futuristic spectacular filled with illusions, dance, aerial artistry, interactive video and massive LED screens.


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    Ocean Park Hong Kong, Dec 2016 - Feb 2017.

    Cyber Illusion Spectacular is a breathtaking live stage show themed around illusion, magic and wonder. On a futuristic stage backed by walls of LED lights, various world-class illusionists including Michael Boyd and Soul Mystique will perform jaw-dropping acts such as disappearances, double levitations and fire cage escapes.

    A 15m wide x 8m high 8.0mm LED screen is the centre piece of the stage with irregular sized 3.0mm LED on stage left and stage to create a immersive and mesmerising for the audience.Driving the LED screens was two AV Stumpfl Wing Engines; Wings Engine Stage Quad and Wings Engine RAW.

    production images by Craig Wilkinson

  • Creative Team

    Creative Team

    Producers // Aerial Angels Australia & Ocean Park Hong Kong
    Concept and Direction // Aerial Angels Australia
    Lighting Designer // Michael Beunen
    Video Designer // Craig Wilkinson, optikal bloc
    Video Design Associate // Daniel Anderson
    Video Design Associate and Illustrator // Sean Dowling
    Video Programmer // Jason Yeung
    Video System Design and Supplier // Cosmo Pro AV

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Cyber Illusion Spectacular TVC