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    Presented by Woodward Productions

    Starring Hugh Parker as Sherlock Holmes, a new mystery unravels, with the world premiere of THE MYSTERY OF THE VALKYRIE.

    Witness one of the most legendary characters of literature and screen come to life on stage with this new highly-anticipated Australian work.

    Journey back to 221B Baker Street with Holmes, Waston, Adler and Moriarty, as this fast-paced dramatic thriller explodes onto the Playhouse stage with extraordinary staging and video.

    Written and directed by the extraordinary Michael Futcher, this epic play will have you on the edge of your seat until the mystery of the Valkyrie is solved.

    The game is afoot. Coming soon to QPAC for a strictly limited season.


    Woodward Productions are in no way associated, sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with The Conan Doyle Estate. All stories and novels on which the play is adapted are no longer subject to Copyright.

  • Creative Team

    The Team

    Writer & Director | Michael Futcher
    Dramaturg | Janis Balodis
    Video Designer | Craig Wilkinson
    Designer | Isabel Hudson
    Lighting Designer | David Walters
    Composer/Sound Designer | Phil Slade

    Associate Video Designer | Jake Lodder
    Associate Motion Designer | Jordan Peña
    Associate Video Producer | Hannah Barr