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    Presented by Empire Theatre

    Empire Theatre (2022)

    Get set to 'Break Free' with the Empire Theatres' presentation of the global hit musical "We Will Rock You." This sensational production, captivating over 16 million theatergoers in 28 countries since 2002, features Queen's iconic songs and a comedic futuristic storyline crafted by Ben Elton. With favorites like "We Are The Champions," "Bohemian Rhapsody," and "Another One Bites The Dust," the musical unfolds on a musically oppressed Earth, where an alliance of rebel Bohemians strives to revive rock music and defy a powerful corporation. Prepare for a dazzling showcase of music royalty, compelling performances, and a thrilling narrative.

    Production Photography by Craig Wilkinson

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    Creative Team

    Music and Lyrics by QUEEN | Story and Script by Ben Elton

    By arrangement with David Spicer Productions.

    Produced by Empire Theatre
    Executive Producer - Kerry Saul
    Producer / Production Manager - Tim Panitz

    Director - Wayne Scott Kermond
    Music Director - Craig Renshaw
    Choreographer - Katie Kermond
    Vocal Coach - Jess Berwick
    Sound Designer - Steve Alexander
    Lighting Designer - Ben Hunt
    Costume Designer - Debra Nairn
    Video Designer - Craig Wilkinson

    Associate Motion Designer - Jordan Peña
    Associate Video Designer - Jake Lodder
    Associate Video Producer - Hannah Barr


    Galileo Figaro - Bryn Jenke
    Scaramouche - Kate Hudson-James
    Killer Queen - Georgia Spark
    Commander Khashoggi - Justin Tamblyn
    Oz - Lauren Baryla
    Brit - Jacob Krog
    Buddy - Tristan James


    Micah Adamson, Elisabeth Kirby, Brock Alexander, Kendal Lane, Dylan Ashton, Lucy Panitz, Vicki Bravery, Dave Pascoe, Phoebe Cheetham, Rebecca Peake, Katie Commens, Holly Petersen, Dani Cripps, Viktoria Pfeiffer, Emma Erdis, Jackson Poole, Ruben Fitton, Mary Quade, Sarah-Beth Geoghegan, Russell Reynolds, Sebrina Jensen, Isabella Shelton, Nicholas Joy, William Thomas, Bianca Verblakt


    Shannon Gralow, Elesha Hetherington, Caitlin Nass, Tiapye Saal, Morgan Chalmers, Martin Paroz, Oliver King, Eligh Dungey


    Music Director / Keys - Craig Renshaw
    Keys Melissa - Buchholz
    Guitar 1 - Dale Robbins
    Guitar 2 - Mark Chalmers
    Bass - Andrew Will
    Drums - Kosta Theodosis
    Percussion - Christina Marangelli

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